Saturday, May 25, 2013


Stella Young wrote a wonderful piece for abc ramp up - unfortunately I can't link it from my mobile but it is worth googling. Worth googling because what she says is worth considering deeply. I find myself agreeing with her but at the same time I find myself admiring her - for her courage and her intellect. I admire my sister and my daughter too. They are inspirational to me and part of that is related to their disability. Yes it could have been something else that life threw at them but it wasn't. It was the rejection and loneliness and isolation that can come from disability. I see them scale walls on a regular basis and am so in awe. I also appreciate Stella's slap over the wrists, the walls are ones we help build. They are no more or less valuable as humans cos they 'inspire the nondisabled' but I am allowed to feel very sentimental about all their life story, including the bits related to disability, cos they are part of my family and I love them.
FYI google 'disability porn abc ramp up'

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