Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Born this way

Born This Way

Click on the link above - and I hope it takes you to a youtube clip that I just LOVE! I have watched it a few times already today - cos I just enjoy it so much.

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. Last year on a  whim I wrote a fb post - and then felt a bit trapped into writing one each day up until the 21st... it was fun but also required a bit of time and thought as to what I could say and how I should say it. THis year I found myself feeling guilty. Committed families were putting up posts and I was still dithering around as to what to do. In the end I opted for organising an early dinner with another family that we are friends with - whose daughter is absolutely Hannah's favourite person in the whole wide world...and some picture postcards that I have put up on fb.... One of which already had the "Born this way" quote on it....

This video clip is all I really would want to say for this year's WDSD. I guess that I am lucky enough at the moment to feel how totally 'normal' our lives are and hence I was struggling a bit with what to do to mark WDSD - because I absolutely believe that it is an important day to celebrate and advocate for inclusion for people with DS.

I might think of more to add before the 21st but for now - if you haven't seen this on fb - please check it out - it is awesome fun.

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