Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music Concert

Kit had his music concert on the weekend. He did great. We are just so proud of that kid. He practised twice a day for the week before hand - and it showed. He and the other kids in his class played beautifully. SOme things don't change however and yes - he tripped as he went up the stairs onto the stage - he was so excited. During the week tehre was one morning when he came racing in to our bedroom at 6am (cos that is where the keyboard is) and began playing his performance piece - TEN times (Yikes).

Hannah's dance concert is coming up in a mnth - and witht he costumes and the fact that Dad is staying with us so he can see her - I wanted Kit to feel that his concert was just as special. I think it was. his Aunty came and watched him. Afterwards he chose a reader at the local bookshop, then we had lunch at a cafe, his father bought him some lego and then he went over to a friend's house to play. So he had a good weekend. The spring holidays are fast approaching - today he started discussing our plans for his and Hannah's 6th birthday.

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