Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Semester ends

The end of the first semester is close at hand. My throat is sore. Hannah and Kit have both been coughing. I had my uni exams for numeracy - and passed (!!). They had their first parent teacher interview - and we all survived! Both brats are loving school. They are learning both academically and socially. I am very happy that at the moment they are both being well catered for.
I went to the stitches and craft fair on the weekend - a lovely treat. I bought a pattern for a butterfly bargello. I made one years ago which I gave to my BIL (not a butterfly pattern though) and it was quite fun so I thought I'd do a wall one for us theswe holidays. Han's EI is having a sibkids morning in July so Kit has said that he'd like to go to that. I hope it goes well for them - I think that one day it will be important for him to be able to chat with other kids who have a sibling with a disability in their family.
Hannah has been loving gymnastics at school - and although she enjoys her music lessons - learning the keyboard is becoming a larger part of the programme and I don't have the will to supervise the required practice time for her to vaguely master it. Her teacher is lovely and happy for her to continue with once a week practice - but I think it might be time to try her out in dance - or gymnastics if I can find a good school for that. She had her neck xrayed last holidays and although they didn't find that condition (antiolaxial ..) she does have a slightly 'unusual' bone structure along her neck which meant that her paed suggested no rolling, only jumping by herself on the trampoline, no high diving etc. I am still working out just what it all means and will ask him for greater clarity when we see him next term - for example she went to a party on the weekend where there was a jumping castle - and she and all the other kindy kids were just having a ball - I didn't have the heart to stop her - althouh I did end up taking her glasses off - I figured that if she was to fall awkwardly - that would just add another complication we didn't need.

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