Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Imagine that!

The kids and P made a big effort to ensure that I enjoyed my birthday. It was lovely. It was my first without Mum and the first one where Dad had to send cards and presents without her - I cried (of course) and sent him an email thanking him for hte care he is taking of us all - Mum would have been proud. His email reply was lovley - "Yes it was strange writing the cards without mum on them. You can be sure she was next to me seeing I did it right and she left a kiss on each one.". I think he was right.

We had a small party for the brats birthdya on Saturday - before the Buddy Walk. It went well I think and they had a lot of fun. I made the cake - hired a cake tin in the shpae of a 4 - chocolate cake. It was very rich! Mondya was a nightmare of trying to get stuff done and still put in a full working day. I thought I'd managed it but at 2.30 in the morning (the dog woke me wanting to go outside) I remembered that I had totally forgotten to take Hannah to her individual speech session that morning! It hadn't been a great day - I was exhausted after the weekend and Han had been happy enough to go to child care but once we were there she had become mmiserable and just wanted a cuddle. I cried after I left there - I wish she was able to make at least one little friend of her own there. She likes it and follows the routines etc but when it is free play otuside she seems to want to play with soeone but has no idea how to do it. THe other kids have already paired off or are going too fast for her. Some of it is just her personality - she is a little more introverted or shy than the stereotype of the happy kid with DS who goes up to anyone. Hannah isn't like that.

P made me go for a walk in the evening when I got home and I went to bed early so I am feeling a lot better today. A woman from the organisation who run the brats' childcare came and interveiwed me for an article in their annual report. She is lovely. I met her when they used Han as the focus of their child care centres (integrated services etc) as part of an ad that gives an overview of the work of the whole organisation. It is made up of stills and I ahve asked for a copy of the photo of Hannah they use as it is very cute - she is 'roaring like a lion' in it.


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Lovely pictures - you have such beautiful kiddos. Happy belated birthday - I'm sure it was a very bittersweet day.

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh Shelly,

You have been busy! I'm especially impressed with that #4 cake. It looks beautiful, nice job.

My heart aches for how you describe being sad for your mum. She sounds like one fantastic mom and no wonder you miss her so much.

The twins look like they are having so much fun in all the pics.

Take care! Sandi

Michelle said...

happy belated birthday to you and the brats. It must have been bittersweet not having your mom there, but knowing she was in spirit. What a sweet thing your dad said in his email about her sitting right next to him making sure he got it right!

A lot of times Kayla seems to prefer to play on her own too. I watch her from afar when she goes in the playground at school and she usually seems to be playing on the outside of the kids, it's like they move to fast for her and she can't always keep up.