Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hannah loves to Wiggle

In September some of us had to give a presentation on pop culture - I chose to do the Wiggles. Here is a clip I took of Hannah wiggling to use in the presentation.

Earlier this week Kit wrote a letter to Santa (his first), he had about 5 things on his list - toy clothesline, timer for his kitchen, bath for his baby, ipod ... Hannah also wanted to write a letter to Santa. I didn't think she'd get what we were doing but when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said cake (I may have prompted that one as an example) and 'wrote it' and then she said 'Dorothy'. So now the hunt is on for the perfect Dorthy Christmas present!


Michelle said...

oh she's too cute! good luck on your mission to find Dorothy!

homealonemom said...

Dorothy-Wizard of Oz perhaps? Very cute video. We managed to miss the Dora and Wiggles phase. We had Barney (ugh!)and the Rug Rats (cartoon). Haven't checked on you for a bit, glad all is well. I am prepping for the return of Megan on the 18th. Her room won't be clean, but her bed will be. And then Christmas. Colleen's big IEP went well-still working on some the wording for High School-I still can't believe it!! How did everyone get so old?? (including me). Merry Christmas to you and your family.