Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Some people seem to have a problem with the concept of being 'politically correct' they say it with such disdain! I never have - I don't have a problem with expecting people to think before they speak. Still even with my attempts at providing a reasonable interpretation - there is something intrinsically wrong about the golliwog quilt. Let me explain ...

I love that my children still don't see difference in people yet. When we are reading a book together they like making themselves one of the characters - and in any one night they might be black, asian etc. They keep the gender real but not the race or culture. They just don't see it.

Mum did these golliwog blocks for me years ago. I love them. They bring back memories of loved stuffed toys from growing up in tropical QLD. As an adult they represent so much more that I have kept them packed away in my fabric stash not sure of how to best make use of them. When I first got them I googled 'golliwog' hopeful that there might be some story behind them that wasn't what I knew. Alas it seems that they cannot be reclaimed - naming them scalliwags just doesn't do it for me.

When Kit found them and started admiring them my dilemma returned - BIG TIME! There is no way I can condone racism or prejudice. So here is my compromise: This quilt is titled "Free and Equal ... now"

One day my children will see the differences between people. When that day comes I want them to accept and value difference. I want them to think of all the different people they know and love and not be afraid because they have noticed that someone is different. One day I will tell them the dark history of Australia and our treatment of our indigenous peoples. I will use this quilt to teach them about the past so that they can embrace the future.

I pray that they will always know the value and dignity of every person - regardless of their race, religion, social status or disability. In the meantime I hope they like the quilt.


Katie said...

well said!

jennifergg said...

i love this post! my kids don't see the differences yet, either, all they see are the similarities. they are such good teachers for me!