Tuesday, January 01, 2013

the lull

Christmas was lovely. the house all decorated. Everyone home and happy.

For Christmas Eve the kids were meant to participate in the children's pageant as they did last year - this year however Hannah was so tired by the time the mass started (at 5pm) that we ended up taking her home and I stayed with Kit who was one of the wise Kings. Then we went to a friends' house for a soiree. They are loving and generous people who open their house every Christmas Eve. Hannah LOVES their daughter especially. She lasted there a couple of hours and then asked me to take her home which I did. Phil and Kit stayed on a bit longer - for the traditional carols. Apparently Kit's contribution was Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord...I would have loved to hear him sing it for everyone.

 We went into the city one weekend to check out the David Jones' windows...and happened to wander past Haighs chocolate shop while we were there.

 Home for a layabout on the deck and a performance from hannah.

There were school celebrations as well. This is the first year that Kit wanted to do Christmas cards for everyone in his class. So did Hannah. I was feeling doubtful that Kit would be able to sustain interest long enough to write a card to all the kids in his class - 22 not counting himself and Hannah - so was even more doubtful about how Hannah would go! Still nothing ventured nothing gained so in the last days one morning before school when we did not have enough time for it but when they were both enthused we gave it a go. Kit did all of his and Hannah did ones for her teachers and aid and 2 of her best friends. Then she signed her name 20 times for all the other kids. I think that was an awesome effort from everyone!

There was also a carols night and a class party.

Then the elves got busy. There was wrapping still to do as well as organising Santa's loot. Finally it was time for a glass of bubbles, a slice of homemade panforte and Love Actually.

Breakfast, Christmas morning, had a tropical theme:

 My T2 teacup - a gift from Kit.
 with some Italian pannetone (YUM!)

In the morning Kit was first up as usual and he was very good at waiting for Hannah to come to - he tried every trick he know to get her attention. And then... it was time to open presents. Lots of joy and happiness from everyone.

 Yes we finally caved. We now have a second tv, in the 'spare room' which is often known as 'Grandpa's room', now commonly called the 'games room'. It is the room that will probably be Kit's bedroom one day when he and Hannah no longer share a room and when we work out where we can store all the stuff currently in the 'spare room'....it didn't take Kit long to come and tell me on Christmas day that he thought he'd be ready to have a room on his own - in Term 1 week5. He hasn't mentioned it again though - since I told him that the tv would have to leave the 'games room' if it was ever to become 'Kit's room' lol

I had mentioned that I would quite like a new cross to wear as my old costume one had lost some of it's pearls. I didn't think much more about it - until I saw the box from my favourite jewellery shop - and a beautiful handmade sterling silver cross - very gothic, like something one of those loving, careworn and faithful sisters would have worn. The most beautiful note accompanied it. I love it.

Then after a treat of a breakfast which included fresh fruit and pannetone, it was time to go to my SILs for Christmas lunch. Lunch was served by 3pm and dessert at 6pm. Everyone had a lovely time although Hannah ended up falling asleep about 5pm. My SILs cat decided to guard her while she slept.

Once we got home I took myself to bed and left Phil in charge. Then the lull begins in full....

Boxing day was spent pottering around, eating ham. Phil constructed the new trampoline and I did a bit of tidying. The kids played with their Christmas gifts. The next day was more of the same. Last night my girlfriend came over with her daughter for a celebratory meal - we were celebrating her last radiotherapy treatment. She is cancer free - and we all appreciate just how lucky she was as it was detected very early. It can make such a difference - not just to your prospects of recovery but of the treatment you require too. A milestone well worth celebrating.

Today was cleansing time. The Christmas decorations were all packed away. The house looks stripped bare without the festive tinsel and colourful trinkets scattered about. It is how I want to see the new year in though. I am hoping for a year of simplicity and promise. Let's hope my wish comes true.

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