Wednesday, January 02, 2013


I love patchwork. Mum became an enthusiastic quilter in the 1980s. Sometime in the 1990s she and Dad gave me my first sewing machine - an old Singer they'd found in a second hand store. I loved it. It was time to learn straight sewing. My first quilt was an Irish Chain quilt that Mum helped me make. I have it still and it is probably my most prized quilt - for it's sentimental value. Since then I have made many many quilts. I am a bit hasty and carefree with them and relay on the machine a LOT. None of my quilts are precise and perfect but they are durable, usable and made with love. I enjoy playing with colours and letting them 'grow' organically rather than following a precise pattern although I have made a couple of quilts that I like using a pattern.

Another favourite quilt is a french themed one - with bright yellow pinks, greens and burgundy floral centre display - framed with a beautiful red toile fabric of Mary MacKillop's life that I bought when I worked as a teacher in a Josephite school - when the sisters were still lobbying hard on her canonisation. So now hanging in our loungeroom is a tribute to Australia's first saint.

Every couple of years I make it to one of the stitches and craft shows on in Sydney. At one of those a couple of years ago I bought some panels of Snow White fabric...two years later I finally finished a quilt for Hannah's bed:

On Christmas Day one of her aunties gave hannah a kids sewing machine. It was a wonderful idea and little brat was keen to make a quilt for my bed....
 The reality of the kids machine was doing my head in though - so I got her using my machine. If only there was a good needle guard it would be perfect but as it was Hannah did really well and was very sensible in using it.
 One strip done. At least I know from my own experience that not all quilts can be done in a day or even over a weekend. Some take years and years but eventually...they get there...exactly as they were meant to.
Of course Boris didn't want to miss out. He was keen to do some sewing too - luckily my next planned project was a Dr Seuss quilt for him so we went through the stash of fabric that I had bought earlier in the year on a whim and found some pieces for him to use to create a project of his own. He decided on a wall hanging that might or might not also be used as a lap quilt.

And so I think his will be finished soon and I am hoping to get started on the matching bed quilt (it is one where I am going to try and follow a pattern) today. Yes there is something simple and satisfying about quilting. Especially when you are on holidays and can devote whole days to it if you like.

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