Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've just been over at Big Blueberry Eyes admiring the gorgeous Santa photos. It made me think about our belief in Santa. I honestly can't recall when I believed in him or when I stopped believing in him.

 I don't think Kit really believes in Santa anymore (I know the little kid who decided to tell everyone when he was in Year 1 that Santa wasn't real :-( - I told his mum I'd string her boy up by his little ears if he spoiled our family Christmas   :-) - which seemed to help cos she is a friend and knew I meant it!)....I think as a parent I am learning that the magic of Christmas isn't diminished by knowing about Santa - we give ourselves permission to 'suspend belief' and everyone has a good time.

Last year I wasn't going to worry about a Santa photo - but then my nephew was staying with us and I thought it would be nice to get one with him in it to send home to his mum (my sister) so I lined the kids up at DJs - much shorter queues for Santa there. Today was the kids last day of year 2 and they were very tired but I was determined that we would hit the local Westfields - for Hannah to choose a pair of pjs for her father for Christmas...we ended up as you often do when out with kids after school... making a mad dash for the bathrooms. The toilets happened to be next to Santa's station - but he wasn't there. What was there was a gorgeous nutcracker photo frame...well I just couldn't resist. We might make it back for a Santa photo but even if we don't each year I will have a very special spot for my Christmas photo to go. I love it!

On the pjs front - my DH is quite a conservative dresser - a fact that Hannah likes to challenge - with her own fashion statements and when she chooses him socks - bright spotty/stripey numbers to go with his business suits.. or Superman TShirts for the weekends or today - Pajama shorts navy - covered in big red love hearts 'cos I LOVE my Daddy!' she kept exclaiming. Kit noticed ones nearby with a deck of cards theme - the hearts on which were a little less 'loud' - so we gave her a choice but no...the loud shorts were her pick. I think he'll love them anyway. Wearing them when we go away with some other families from school - well that will remain to be seen! lol

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