Monday, December 17, 2012

disability dance

As well as participating in a 'regular' dance school Hannah also goes to a dance group for children with a disability. This year Kit did too - as a volunteer. The concert for the year happened on the weekend and was wonderful. There is something about the crowd. At the regular concert the audience glow with pride and clap loudly - it is all very 'civilised'. At this concert the dancers are ALL idiosyncratic and the crowd simply wild - the room surges with energy - clapping, cheers, foot stomping, loud laughter - you name it and of course the pride so strong it brings tears to your eyes. The first time I experienced it I couldn't believe it - it was awesome.

Watching all the dancers - I could see why it was at this concert where Hannah was nervous - she didn't want to come out of the changing room except to go straight up onto the stage. Watching in the darkened showroom, amongst all the noise and mayhem was intimidating for her so she and I spent quite a bit of time backstage together. A pity - cos I love watching the other dancers... but I did get to see my very favourite one - her and Kit danced together for one number - beautiful!

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