Monday, December 17, 2012


Hannah loves to dance. When she was just 2 I put her and her brother into a music - rhythm and movement class - just for fun. That class kept progressing until it became a keyboard class - Hannah did the first book twice....but by then she had started school. I wasn't prepared to oversee/demand she practice her keyboard on top of all the adjustments and homework she was getting from school. So we tried dance. Of the studios I rang (3 I think) only 1 rejected us outright because I was upfront and told them she had DS. I chose the one that had sounded the most happy and confident about her inclusion. It has been a success. Each year I used to pray and hope Hannah would tell me that she didn't want to go anymore - no particular reason except that I find the 'ballet mum' scene quite intimidating and Hannah is a bit of a 'wonky dancer' so I was worried about how the teachers and other families saw her - did they too think that once she'd passed the cute prejuniors stage it was time to move on elsewhere???
Every year when I asked her if she wanted to continue she'd say 'YES' and so I'd gird the loins and sign up for another season....This year has been her best performance. She  does Musical Theatre - and it was obvious to me that she is benefitting from the eperience. It was also clear how happy her teacher is to have her continue. The other families were all very enthusiastic about her performance...and so we are back again next year. Here she is in her Annie costume

 This year is the first year I bought the Concert dvd - Hannah loves watching it. We just want to ffd to Annie but she likes watching the 'big girls' who are on it first. Yes she is growing up...

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