Friday, August 31, 2012

Special People

Things have been busy here in the Dock...lots of celebrations and a few tears too. But mostly the former. We all headed north in August to celebrate my Dad turning 70 and my eldest sister turning 50. It was a wonderful mid winter break...

Our first stop was at a great pet friendly motel in Woolgoolga.
Then we arrived in the northern beach suburbs of favourite part of my hometown.
 my holiday reading stash

The house was across the road from the beach...but of course life isn't always rainbows and roses is it? By making the 12 hour road trip across 2 days - we increased our intake of junk food by at least double...and who wants to take on the roadtrip challenge when one of your children has diarrhea? Poor Hannah - we stopped as often as we could and only lost one pair of undies which I deemed to be irretrievable after the queue at one of the rest area loos proved to be too long. In hindsight we are lucky it was her - the girl has great bladder control even in those circumstances...whereas the first day in our holiday house..when Kit was 'hit' with the bug..well let me just say it wasn't pretty! Lucky he could stay and enjoy the beautiful views while Dad and I took little brat down to the beach to play.

Before the birthday party we managed to get out and about a bit - had a great visit at the Abbey Museum at Caboolture followed by lunch at Bribie Island. We also made it to the QLD Art Gallery for the wonderful Prado exhibition.

And finally - it was time for the party. It was held at my sister's place - she has a mega yard on the outskirts of Brisbane. The days were lovely and warm but the nights still got quite chilly so my BIL had dug a fire pit and chairs were placed around it. Mum's brother travelled over from Albany WA - we haven't seen him in years - it was wonderful to see him. Her sister and cousin came too - and Robin brought his guitar so the oldies could have a singalong around the fire as the evening wore on - a great atmosphere for the golden oldies and Slim Dusty tunes they sang. My fave was 'sad movies' - I used to love that song and haven't even thought about it in at least 20 years I reckon.

 The yard looked so pretty:
 The kids had their party gear on:
 The lolly buffet was set up:
Everyone was ready to party. Such an enthusiastic and happy occassion. My Dad is awesome - as is my big sister. Dad is the gentle patriarch of the family while my sister keeps tabs on everyone in the extended family with patience and care...she even has a blog dedicated to the family history. Dad's sisters were there as were many of our cousins and some of their children.

 Getting all the clan together for a photo proved to be impossible but dad gave it a valiant go.
 Time for some cake-cutting
 One of the best things about the night was that it was the first time in years that us 3 girls have been together with Dad for a celebration...normally we have been split up at Christmas times since before Mum died, so it was great to be all together again and much as I hate having my photo taken I couldn't miss this opportunity.
 Hannah and my nephew's stepdaughter get on really well. I think they'd be great mates if they lived closer.
My nephew's daughter is not yet 2 and crashed very early but having her there made us all, especially her proud great grandfather very happy. She is the new generation and as such a vital part of these sorts of celebrations. She is also as cute as a button!

There is more to say on special people...and I will try and blog a bit on them later - am suffering a bit of a summer cold at the moment so need to take another nap....just briefly I was very lucky to have my SILs 4 kids stay for a weekend while she underwent major surgery. Her youngest who is an absolute doll stayed on for a couple of extra days too. The surgery went well although recovery is a long process - my SIL is a very special person.
Also as it is father's day this weekend...there is a particular family in my thoughts - a gorgeous little boy whose brother is friend's with Kit and Hannah was recently diagnosed with leukemia...and I know that his Dad must be under enormous stress as he guards his family on the perilous and difficult journey they have only just begun.
The twins dancing concert at the local street festival went well - they were very impressive.
A gorgeous little boy who has been friends with Hannah since kindy read a delightful poem about his 'friend Hannah' at the school assembly - his mum sent me a video of it - and it brought a tear to my eye  - and made me feel so proud of the wonderful children at the twins' school.
So yes some tricky times to deal with but so many people and events to celebrate....
And lastly the holiday ended with a big bang or a last hurrah that was a highlight for the kids...a farmstay at Kempsey:

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