Wednesday, June 20, 2012

school. numeracy. Literacy and parties.

Well things are going swimmingly in the Dock. Kit has had a MEGAWEEK and the pressure is on for him to get 100% in tomorrow's spelling and tables test. I admit I had one of those gray, moody days yesterday - grumpy as - and I was pretty unbearable (just ask my husband!) but today I pepped up and got a bucketload of cleaning done and so felt a lot less frustrated and a heap more organised.

Last weekend Hannah went to a tea party - of one of the girls in her class This little girl has been a good friend to the twins since kindy. She explained to Kit (and so did I) that he wasn't invited because it was a girls event. He was fine with that and helped me with gift ideas for her although in the end Hannah chose the actual present. Then on Tuesday - Hannah gets another invite - an Over the rainbow Party - another all girls do - and another little girl that Kit really likes and plays with - I thought I was meant to be feeling bad for Hannah not ever getting party invites rather than her brother missing out cos of the 'girls only' dos. Anyway I explained once again and said that no doubt he would go over ot the girls house after the party and after a jump by himself on the trampoline he came back inside and was fine with t - even helping me out with present ideas again. So that is the party scene - very active for Hannah and a bit quiet for Kit and nonexistent for Phil and I!

On Monday Hannah told me that she had done reading with her teacher. They read a story about Our Garden - a reader I presume - which included a playhouse in the garden. I still love it when a) Hannah tells me that sort of thing and I understand her and b) her class teacher listens to her read. then tonight at the dinner table when Phil was chatting with them about the weekly spelling test that is on tomorrow - she suddenly tells me that she knows her 2 times table and proceeds to count by twos - she gets to 12 before fumbling and losing her way. So even though she didn't get a spectacular music report I think this counts as a MEGAWEEK for her too.

I have tried going over similar spelling words with her - to try and gauge which method works best - and while I don't know that she'll be able to spell them in the test tomorrow she has certainly found it easier to spell the words with her blocks and to unjumble them on her ipad - it helps that I can prompt her early by simply saying that we will study her spelling - her 'kn' words... She is very motivated by her spelling success with 'cry' and if you ask her what words she can spell it is top of the list.
Last night when the kids and I got home Phil was out doing some exercise ont eh back deck - Hannah thought it was hysterical and quickly lined up her bike and joined in. Speaking of which she really really needs a new bike - one that fits her - she LOVES going bikeriding. Our dilemma is that she doesn't understand about brakes and the ones that are bigger tend not to come with the 'stick' that her present one has. Her favourite places to ride are at the park but I also taker her down to the local shops and the library for a ride - any ideas? Kit's K bike is awesome so I was hoping for one like that (but less gears) for her - I think we'll need to consider modifying it - not sure how? I might need to give NADS a call....

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