Saturday, June 09, 2012

Change of Seasons

I love the rhythm of the seasons. We are now well into winter is how I know:
Hannah created this one on her tells the story of what she has been up to lately...and the games she likes to play :)
Let's start with the downside of this season
Yep, the worst thing about winter is the illnesses. One after another or so it seems. Little brat finally got over her ear dramas to succumb to temperatures and runny nose. She is looking good at the moment while I have a scratchy throat...We get the flu shot for her each year but she still gets a bit knocked about..lucky she doesn't stay down for long ...and makes a good patient most of the time.
As autumn waned we found ourselves at the beach. We stayed in Apex accommodation - for families of chronically ill children or children with a disability. A friend had booked it for us so there were 4 families there all with kids with DS. It was lovely to get away and watch the kids run together. Hannah came back talking about one of the girls as her 'friend'. Now this little girl is already an absolute favourite of Phil's but holidays like this one built ties between the kids which is one of the reasons I love them.

There is something very primal about the sea. It is soothing and wild all at once. In our ordinary life I am often guilty of being a 'too busy' it was wonderful to be away from all the mundane chores and just play with the kids...of course I have trained them to be rather self sufficient so there was still time for a glass of wine and a glossy magazine back at our room later on while Hannah and Kit were busy with things like:

Kit is almost past his lego passion although I can revive it with a new kit from time to time. Hannah just LOVES it...and I am so proud of her ability to construct them - there are so many skills required. It is a fun activity that she gets to do with either Phil or I and then later once she has played with them to her heart's content she and Kit will invariably reconstruct and make up different games to play with them. In fact the bouff in our lounge at the moment cannot be used for feet because Hannah has her Friends Lego on it - so I am loving the girlie Lego that is available at the moment.
We also wandered over to the Gerringong markets which were a hoot...Hannah bought a new 'outfit' (eyeroll!!!!!!!!) and Kit an opalite gem which he just loves.

In the evening we had a communal BBQ with the other families and Kit was part of the crowd that put on a 'concert' for us..Hannah preferred to stay inside on the ipad with the other girl. She did however enjoy the meal.

On the way home we all stopped in Berry for some brunch. It had been a lovely weekend. A definite recharge of the batteries ...
And now not long after, as winter has arrived..I still think back on that weekend and it gives me energy to push through the winter the cooking and the playing and the feeling like we are 'achieving' all noticing the beautiful flowers that are still sticking their blooms out in the chill,

And from my garden...
Winter tries to lure me into 'bulking up' and lazing about. It is too cold or wet or windy to head out for a walk. The washing is mostly finished in the clothes dryer rather than out on the line. Our windows and doors are shut giving the house a thirst for fresh air that means I let the cleaning fall a bit behind as well...seafood on the menu declines and stodge takes the front seat. As I sniffle my way through the dusty rooms it is easier in winter to let things slide...except that winter started with a wonderful family weekend away and at the moment it is almost the end of our first semester... so my work is winding down and the twins both got their school reports last week (which were great btw) and the sun is still shining and the gardens still have colour and life is too short and too wonderful to ignore the need to renew, even in this cold patch when all goes dark at 5pm and the temptation is to hide away...

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