Saturday, May 05, 2012


Today I took the twins to a birthday party. The party girl is my goddaughter and she has just turned 5. The theme was mermaids and pirates and I gotta say that there was a whole lotta pirates there (of both sexes) and my Hannah was the only mermaid...the birthday girl wore a beautiful soft candy pink skirt and top...but no tail :)

So both children joined in with the party games that were organised by a duo - a maiden and a pirate. They passed the parcel, did the limbo, danced the chicken dance, played with a parachute, caught bubbles and followed the leader - or taunted him as in cheeky Kit's case :D

So towards the end of the formal 'entertainment' the maiden and the priate put out a long plastic sheet and some crayons. Each child was given a 'hat' or a 'tiara' to decorate...they all busily set about this. When I went and had a look at Hannah's she had some writing on it - at first I thought she had written her name on it - but no...though she had drawn on top of it it was possible to see that she had written 'mum'. She told me that she had made it for me. Such a beautiful gesture. Once the decorating part was done you had to line up to get the cardboard headband stapled on. Hannah did this but refused to wear her tiara - I had to explain to the maiden that she had made it as a present for me. Such a beautiful gesture :)

 At the end of the organised entertainment, Hannah faded fast. The night air started in. Kit was 2 doors up from the party doing what he LOVES - running with the pack. Hannah has had an ear infection all week and because I had regularly been feeling her forehead and tummy I could tell that her temperature was starting to be a bit up and down...which increases the chance of a spike and a seizure... couldn't risk it. I had hoped to be able to stay for the clean up and some take-away dinner but in the end we were one of the first ones to leave. When I went and told Kit - he held in his disappoinment. His eyes teared up but he just came. He knew I needed him to be strong until we got home and I could get some panadol into Hannah. When we got home - his reward was that he got to choose the video for movie night and an icecream each.
So there. I am so very proud of my two. I wonder if I will ever just take for granted how great they are? I hope not....
PS - Hannah has a theory that because her ear is sore she cannot see or hear boys - a point she likes to tell Kit - in that annoying way that only siblings have :)

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Tanja said...

Hannah looks so beautiful, well done on the costume.