Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I noticed a house for sale in Sydney - it was the one that Phil and I rented - before we had kids...when we were young and saving up for a deposit so that we could buy a place of our own. There are so many happy memories attached to that house of new years eve parties, dinners, the pub around the corner where I have been known to ring up and ask if Phil was there - and then to get them to pass on the message that he was due home or his dinner would get cold! The same pub where we played pool the night before our wedding. the house we used for our prewedding photos and the park at the end of our street where we walked and picniced and went to to catch the ferry into town. We made some new friends while we were there - friends we still hold dear today. Here is the view from the back yard:
 And this is the interior today. It has a heritage listed facade and is opposite the mansion that is apparently owned (or was owned) by AC/DC. Such a pity I don't have the close to $2mil price tag it comes with - nevermind the $$ for the renovation :)
The heart of the first home we bought was of course the loungeroom - where we could play our music loudly and celebrate many happy events such as July Turkey with our friends ...and eventually, one lucky day where we could hang out and play with our twins. These were the sort of photos I used to email Phil at work - when I felt that I needed him home early - I have one somewhere of the pair of them gnawing on part of his precious cable like giant rats.
The two bedroom workers semi in the Shams was well and truly past meeting our needs when we finally got up the courage to tear ourselves away from what was by then a very small mortgage in order to look for a larger family home that would by necessity come with a mega mortgage... and so here I am now - loving life in the Dock (although wishing we'd managed a 4 bedder rather than a  3 - we have so many books and hobbies that to have a 'spare room' would really be a luxury - especially once the twins decide they want separate rooms....
And the heart of this home is really in every room - where we live and spend time together and fight and make up and laugh and create....I absolutely love it... but I might just move for that old view....

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