Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One of the things that I didn't realise the first time the drs mentioned 'Down Syndrome' aka "The diagnosis" was the people that we would get to meet simply because we were lucky enough to have Hannah.

To this day the thought of her cardiac paediatrician and heart surgeon makes me smile - they were such wonderful gentle men and without their skill and care we mightn't have Hannah still with us. Then all the 'professionals' who we established that peculiar not friends but more than prof-client status friendships with...and then there were the fellow travellers on this journey and their children. Some of these people that I count as good friends I have yet to meet in reality yet have shared frank and honest conversations with about all sorts of world, universe, marriage, kids and disability with.

One of these mums has a clothes business Buggz which has amazing and gorgeous kidswear. I have bought a few pieces off her for my little brat but this custom number is no doubt my favourite so far:
Hannah was so excited to get it that there was quite a fuss - after all who doesn't love it when a parcel arrives of something that you have bought online? Kit was clearly a bit put out that there was nothing for him. And so a little time later a gift arrived in the mail - from my friend - for Kit.

He wears them a lot - in fact he is wearing one now. They also came with a  lovely note about what a good brother he is... a note which I have put away safely because I know it is one that he will treasure.

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