Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cafe De Flore

NSW DSA mentioned on their fb page that they had some free passes to see Cafe De Flore at the Circular Quay Dendy. Being school holidays and with Dad staying with us at the moment it seemed a perfect opportunity for a 'date' with my husband. I am not a huge movie buff so I read a couple of reviews first to make sure it looked ok and then we put our names down to go.

It was such a  rainy day in Sydney. I caught the bus in and Phil went straight from work. Just being by the harbour was lovely - the bridge was in the foreground and there was a misty cold rain covering everything and the bright gaudy lights of Luna Park shining in defiance of the dull evening. It was beautiful and I did try to capture the image but my little camera wasn't up tot he task I'm afraid.

Not being a movie buff I hadn't realised how much things have changed - we got a glass of wine each and went into the movie. Looking down the row of people around me I had to giggle - everyone was holding a glass of funny! Phil simply says I need to get out more and perhaps he has a point. After the movie we bussed it back to Leichhardt for another glass of wine and a bowl of pasta each. delicious.

We both enjoyed the movie. It essentially has 2 stories separated by time yet linked through 'mystery'. The imagery was gorgeous...I loved it. The music throughout the movie was also fantastic - it created such a  life and passion for the audience as well as the characters. It was clearly an integral part of the movie's ambience and I am rather tempted to see about finding a copy of it for myself I enjoyed it so much. The handsome dj reminded me of Paul Newman with his beautiful blue eyes and his energetic fit self. His lover was incredibly annoying though - I wanted to jump through the screen and chop her blonde curly hair off - she played with that mane in just about every scene - not sure why the filmmaker wanted her character to be that way but it drove me crazy and was no doubt partly why the ending of the movie didn't really work for me...I just could not see why the ex would want to be her friend at all.

I think I'd have preferred to have the two stories kept separate - the parallel between them was clear enough whereas the joining of the tales was unconvincing. The ending for my poor beautiful Laurent (the character with DS) was tragic but believable. I loved the relationship the film built up between him and his mother.

"Working with Gerrier, who has Down syndrome, was a wonderful experience, Paradis says, and she is convinced he made her better as an actress. "He's a very strong personality, he's a very smart little boy. He has such a great sense of humour and he is fast to react, and he has a grace that you can't act. It was just there and it's so natural. It was tremendous to have him as a partner. He was sometimes stubborn and we had to work around it, Jean-Marc and I. And Marin's parents, a wonderful family, gave us all the insights, all the ways to work with him and get along with him."
Read the full article here

Indeed watching Vanessa Paradis and Marin Gerrier was a wonderful experience - you could tell the people in the audience who were there to see how DS was portrayed - by our laughter. I had thought that I would need a whole bunch of tissues but in fact only needed one for the early part - where I also had a wee tear in my eye as I laughed because the traits of the character Laurent were so familiar as was the fierce love of his mother Jacqueline.

The ending of the movie did not work for me at all - that mistress's hair annoyed me the whole way through but Phil and I had a great night out thanks to DSA NSW and Icon movies....

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