Sunday, March 11, 2012

WDSD Post 9 Driving

Pic 9 - WDSD - One Christmas holidays we took the twins with my parents to Dreamworld - Hollywood on the Gold Coast. It was a lovely day. Hannah LOVED driving this car - in fact she often likes the idea of driving her own car - she tells me she wants a Van :) Now driving is not one of the typical things I expect that she will be able to do and so I am glad we live near good transport links for her to get about independently when she is older. Like so many things about this journey though I might be wrong. There are certainly some people with DS who do drive although it seems to me that mostly they are people who live in more remote areas. The benefits of Hannah not driving but living centrally mean that not only will she have more opportunities for social interaction but also that she will be naturally more environmentally friendly.

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