Sunday, March 11, 2012

WDSD Post 8 Family

Day 8 pic for WDSD - going up a bit early cos we have Hannah's IEP tomorrow am - and in the pm - Grandpa arrives :) We have been absolutely blessed. Not just with 2 fantastic kids but with a family who have always been supportive and friends who have stood by us and new friends that we are so happy to have met along this journey...I'll put up some more pics of family and friends later on because they truly are invaluable. For now though - here is one of a man who is so very dear to us all - especially Hannah. He went along to a 'grandparents day' organised by NSW DSA and will be going to grandparents day along with Nan and Pop at school on Friday. Some families speak of the oldies in their clan really struggling with a diagnosis of DS. Their ideas reflect their generation. Many are won over by their gorgeous kids, others like ours begin with open hearts and simply follow Hannah's lead. They are a powerful force in our family.

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