Sunday, March 11, 2012

WDSD Post 7 Reading

A catch up pic 7 (I was one day late starting) - I couldn't resist after seeing that gorgeous redhead in the Downsed link below. Both our kids have always LOVED books just as we have loved reading to them and looking at pictures together etc. It means that even though Hannah has some idiosyncracies in her reading and her reading is still in a very early level - books give her great joy. One of her favourites for me to read to her is Pippi Longstocking (thank you Karen Bevan). She also loves Charlie and Lola and of course The Monster at the End of This Book on her ipad is so much fun - it inspired a 'Monster at the end of the tunnel' game when we were in Paris. She can read simple repetitive texts on her own. For me - books give us so much - entertainment and knowledge. Power and a Quality of Life - exactly what I want for my gorgeous girl....and her brother :)

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