Sunday, March 11, 2012

WDSD Post 5 Milestones

Day 5 pic for WDSD - there are lots of milestones in a child's life and we watch for them carefully, especially if your child has a disability and is not meeting those guidelines....for me there are 2 standouts - sitting up (10 months) and walking (2 years). We worked hard on those ones...a weighted trolley borrowed from our EI team and this toy were fantastic at helping Hannah find her feet. There are of course other milestones starting school, reading a book but I don't think any of them will stand out so clearly in my mind as those two...they demonstrate the truth behind what is often said to explain Down Syndrome - 'she will get there, but more slowly'...and the more helpers especially those who make it fun the easier the road is for everyone :)

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