Sunday, March 11, 2012

WDSD Post 3 Warriors

Day 3 pic for WDSD - "your child is one of the sickest children here' are words you really don't want to hear when you are in intensive care at Westmead children's hospital. Cos children die there. After a week there we knew that, we'd seen the grieving families as we went in to sit with Hannah. Phil and I got our parenting stripes then and Hannah showed us that truly (I'm not exaggerating at all) awesome spirit she has. It's all her own and it is fabulous. Her 'zipper' is her warrior stripes - and she still takes the world on every day in her own way. PS I love how the distended tummy that was a reflection of a heart working too hard has disappeared by the time this photo was taken. And no - no photos of her in there cos even now I can't bear to think of her that way. Seeing someone else's child in the same surgery pose still makes the breath stop in my throat.

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