Sunday, March 11, 2012

Premiere WDSD Post 12: Gardens

From the vault - is this one - a sort of 'bloom where you are planted' post. When the twins were 3 it was a really stressful year for us, their parents, and I think one of the things that helped us get through it was the fact that it was a fantastic year for the twins. They just seemed to blossom. It was the year we moved from our 2 bedroom workers semi into a 3 bedder bungalow. The twins moved into beds. They had a yard, a garden and a 'playroom' (the enclosed back verandah) They were so playful and really showed their sealegs. We took them to the Royal Easter Show - and they had a blast. We had good friends living nearby who called round often. The extended family came for dinner once a week. Music therapy was a normal part of life and because we were paying rent rather than a mortgage for a brief window of time we had fortnightly cleaners.... pure luxury. Ah those were the days.... this pic was used on the invitation to the twins' third birthday - at home - a 'garden party' which was an absolute hoot.

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