Monday, March 19, 2012

Pic 19 - the WORLD in WDSD

Pic 19 WDSD This isn't the pic that I really wanted to show - but as the one I wanted isn't really mine I have gone with this one - for the 'world' in WDSD. This one shows my gorgeous Aussie girl wearing her French look while in Venice... the one I wanted to share but decided not to shows the very beautiful Khadooja an ex student of mine (from Kuwait) and the so cute Layal (Aussie babe) whom some of you may already know - in the 2010 buddy walk in Sydney.
Trisomy 21 is a random thing - it affects all races and although it is often associated with 'older mums' (like me at 36 :D) many Mums that I know had their child with DS at much younger ages.
Khadooja has a sister with T21. I hope that everyone around the world, touched in some way by this 'little extra' celebrates it well on Wed. I am sure that Khadooja's family will. Being touched by something like a child or adult with DS opens up many new worlds for the individual. One of my favourite quotes (cos I can relate to it so well) is from a WA book called 'Greater Expectations. Living with Down Syndrome in the 21st Century' [such a cool title]
"From the day my daughter Madeleine was born in 1992, I have been part of a community which stretches across state and national boundaries, overriding language, race and ethnicity. I have been approached by a Chinese-American family in the Te Papa museum in Wellington, New Zealand who, after a few penetrating glances, wandered over to ask how my daughter was going. Two of my daughters were with me, but I had no doubt which one they meant. I have exchanged smiles with a Korean couple in Cambodia, members of a tour group, as they and their adolescent son explored the Khmer ruins at Angor." - Jan Gothard ...and so it goes. Happy WDSD to everyone in the community - not only immediate and extended families but their friends, carers, colleagues and acquaintances too.

And my ex- student's reply:
Thank you so much my dear teacher. I love Hanna's outfit she's looking gorgeous as usual. I met Layal in 2011 buddy walk as well she's looking more beautiful and remembers me from the previous year...
For sure me and my family will celebrate WDSD as usual :).
As being an older sister to child with T21 I would love to say that I'm so thankful for having her in my life and so my family as well.. she leaves a remarkable impact in my life and brings happiness to all. I really miss her around. They are angels from heaven that bring blessings to our lives :D

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