Friday, March 16, 2012

Pic 14 swimming in the 'real' world

Pic 14 - WDSD Hannah like many people with DS and lots of kids everywhere is a really good mimic. It is one of the reasons we felt that a mainstream school was the best option for her. Keeping up with her peers is very tiring but we know that she loves a challenge - and if we don't give her a go we (& she) won't get to know what she can do. Two of her passions are swimming and dance - Hannah goes to a mainstream class for each and a class designed for people with disability for each too. She loves ALL her classes. The idea is for her to ultimately do it on her own, and one day if necessary choose HER preference. This is really important because when I advocate for Hannah to be part of her community it isn't that I am meaning that the 'real' world is made up of 'normal' people and the disability groups are outside of this - in my ideal land they mingle and intertwine as we like....

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