Friday, March 16, 2012

pic 13 WDSD Twins

Pic 13 - WDSD When you have twins, one of whom has DS there are a few additional factors to consider. Every day in those early times were reminders of how that extra chromosome affected Hannah. A constant comparison with 'normal'. At the same time it was also a valuable lesson in how similar my babies were and of how Hannah was well able to hold her own. Some of their differences were because of chromosomes but many were due to personalities and it is impossible really to tell which traits Hannah has because of DS and which are simply part of who she is - because she is a whole package after all :) There were a few times when I would go through the whole 'Hannah spiel' when taking them to a new group or activity - and I'd just assume that Kit would be 'fine' and we'd get there and he'd make it very clear that although his sister might just jump on in...he would not!!!! The connection between them is remarkable. They are kindred spirits - and when they play together - it still makes me smile. From an early age and still today they look out for each other - it cracks me up sometimes - like if I give Hannah a treat she will immediately ask for one for Kit too - as if I'd forget him!!! Or if I am angry at Hannah how Kit will quietly go in and 'help' her so to avert my anger. They rarely fight but there is a good dose of sibling rivalry. Theirs is very much the 'typical' twin relationship :) More on this to come....

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