Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Some of the Dads and Kids from the twins' school went camping on the weekend. Of course it rained - cos it's camping right? Anyhoo it was the first time my guys have been camping. There were about 16 kids and 8 dads - Phil and I discussed it and had decided to give Hannah a shot at it - we were banking on the fact that there were a couple of younger kids going and a couple of girls that she really likes too. She had a great time. Of course she was also totally exhausted with all the outdoorsiness of it and she missed her Mum but she definitely did very well - and enjoyed it. There is talk of another one some time in the future and although I don't think she could cope with more than 2 days - I do think she would like to go again...so that was a lovely experiment to have. Boris of course had a total blast running with the pack, toasting marshmallows...like a piglet in mud.

On Monday she went off to school happily to share her story however she did tire rather quickly and then this morning at 5am she came barrelling into our room - and started convulsing - I HATE it - I don't think I will ever get used to it. The paed seems to think that it is febrile seizures - it doesn't last long and she averages 1 a year since she was 3 or 4. When we took her temp she had one but it wasn't really high - we think she has 'spikes' that set off the seizure. Anyways she is at home resting today, still warm but hopefully no more seizures.

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