Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy weekends and not much at all really

Hannah and I celebrated WDSD in style at a local cafe.

Then we had quite a busy weekend. Hannah was asking for (or rather demanding) her friend - who is 15 to come over for a sleepover. I said I'd see what I could do. On Sat morning she came into our room for a cuddle and straight away started asking for her friend again. I texted her friend who was only too happy to come over to 'play'. Hannah was so excited she got dressed up to put on a concert for her friend and she helped tidy her room. I put out some clay as I figure that is something a 15 year old and a 7 year old can enjoy together - and I was right. The girls had a blast. It meant that Hannah missed her regular dance class for the second week in a row but was well worth it for the good it did her spirit to simply be with her friend at home. Kit had his first soccer practice of the season so he was very happy. I failed on the photo front but later on that day I took Hannah to her swimming lesson and then back to a friend's place for a birthday party. It was a boy from school and he had a pool party. Hannah was quick to get her dress off and start swimming. There were plenty of her peers who were very excited and quick to let me know that they would be happy to keep an eye on her int he pool and so I left her there (and Kit too). It is part of my 'sharing the love'. these are good families with kids who accept Hannah - if I act like looking after her is such a big deal that I can't just leave her somewhere than I think that is a bad with my heart in my mouth I headed out and left her there. As I expected she had a great time. Once she got out of the pool one of my friends went to help her get dressed - however she said that Hannah was adamant that she would do it herself and took herself off tot he bathroom for half an hour to put on a new 'party outfit'. So - mission accomplished. these families  are quite capable of looking out for Hannah - they are the ones (as well as the teachers at school) who have helped to make Hannah's inclusion so successful. It has no doubt been around their dinner tables that their children have been encouraged and rewarded for treating Hannah with the respect and equality that they do. Later on a few families stayed back for a bbq dinner while the remaining kids watched dvd. Hannah was more than happy to take herself to the 'girls only' room to watch 27 dresses - the sort of movie I don't think she has ever been exposed to before.
The next day the kids had another party to go to, this time for a boy in their year who they have known since childcare. He is just the most beautiful teddy of a Hannah decided that he would like lego and she went with her father to buy the present. We then decided on a mad whim to go and look at new keyboards for Kit as he really needs one with weighted keys if he is to start taking music exams next year. From there we picked up the team soccer jerseys for next year and headed to the party - it was lunch followed by a preview session of The Lorax. Now my guys LOVE Dr Seuss and have watched an old cartoon version of The Lorax many, many times at their grandparents house. They loved this remake. In fact all the kids sat rapt in it from start to finish and I must confess that towards the end I was a bit teary too. Anyways it was a lovely weekend - and the fact tat I then had to sit up till midnight writing reports did not stop me enjoying it. Now the bulk of my work for the term is over so I am looking forward to a 'wind down' to get ready for our midsemester break. I have booked Kit into tennis camp but I think it would be too much for Hannah - I might just sign her up for a 30 min swimming lesson each day. I think she'd like that. More photos next post... I promise!

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