Saturday, March 17, 2012

18 Now and Then

Pic 18 - for WDSD.
Once upon a time, not so very long ago parents of children with DS were encouraged to put them in institutions. A variety of reasons were given but the one about saving yourself from the inevitable sorrow of having a child who would never learn or become an adult comes to mind. Henry Miller, the playwright had a son with DS who was put in such an institution and who was never mentioned again - not even in his father's biography. Apparently Danny Miller did get visits from his mother and eventually before he died Henry did come to some sort of recognition of his son because I believe he inherited in the will along with his siblings. Danny's story really struck me as tragic because I guess I expected better of Miller. I am so glad that things have changed so much for children with DS. I know from experience how much they enhance our world. There are of course still children with DS in orphanages  - Reece's Rainbow is one agency that tries to facilitate adoption of these children from Eastern Europe and China.
It breaks my heart when I hear of families here in Australia who have twins like mine, one with DS but decide that they will leave the twin with DS behind for fostercare or adoption. I can't EVER imagine Kit thanking me for 'sparing' him his twin. On World Down Syndrome Day it is important to celebrate the life of people with DS because unfortunately there is still such fear and prejudice in the world. We along with the voices of those with DS are the best advocates for change. Next Wed is a small way of marking something really important. So as the time gets closer - (and I can stop having to think of these daily posts! :D) I'd like to thank everyone who has helped get ready for Mar 21 - whether it was reading a post, signing a petition, 'liking' a page or commenting somewhere in support - Thank You!
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