Friday, March 16, 2012

17 St Patrick's Day

WDSD - going up a little early cos Dad and I have plans for tomorrow...Holy Hannah! At work I teach social sciences - so in one of my courses the class and I explore the idea of belief systems. We begin by considering the 'great questions' such as the meaning of life, what is my purpose in life, why is there suffering in the world etc etc
There is a text on theology and Down Syndrome which I regularly look at on the Book Depository but as a small print run it is still quite costly and a risky buy in that I don't know how good it will be... Given that the 17th is St Patrick's day and my ancestry is Irish Catholic amongst the other bits and bobs - this post is to celebrate the authenticity of spirituality that people with DS or any other intellectual disability for that matter experience. Too often our minds are closed to the notion that to be 'spiritual' (and not necessarily religious) is a common human phenomena - that means it does not belong only to the 'typical' but is there for all....These photos are definitely among my favourites. If ever I doubted Hannah's capacity to faith I certainly don't now but like us all I know that she will find her own way and my role is simply to be open to how she makes sense of her world and help her as I can. For me that includes gifting her her her heritage, her birthright - her catholic tradition and faith - so how proud was I when she started dressing up as Mary! I totally loved it - my daughter rocks!

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