Friday, March 16, 2012

16 - Our Friends

On the topic of friends - it isn't just about Hannah's. Phil and I have met and befriended some very lovely, interesting and fun people. We have made great friends at the twins' school (love 'em!) We have cried and shared our wins and our sorrows with other special needs parents (ADORE 'em!!!!!:D - in fact I don't think I could do this without them....) and then there are the 'oldies'. Some people talk of how they 'lost' friendships when they became a parent of a child with a disability :( I am so very glad that that was not our experience at all...Way, way back when we were still finding our sealegs - more than that when we were in need of a lifeboat...Our families were stalwart and our friends (from school) would visit us - in the antenatal ward with music, food and cheer, in the general ward at the Children's hospital when Phil and I were in separate rooms with a child each cos Kit was in quarantine...and they'd invite us away on holidays too....this picture is of our very first holiday - the twins had only been home after those early medical sagas for a very brief time. I think Hannah was still on her heart medication and skinny as...and we were so blessed to have brave friends who invited us to join them at their holiday house down south...there is something so healing about being by the sea. Especially when you are totally drained yet surrounded with love.

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