Friday, March 16, 2012

15 - Hannah's Friends

WDSD Yesterday was rather busy - here is a photo for it. Friends are an important part of being human. When you first hear that your child has DS it is one of the things you worry about. Will she be accepted? Will she be laughed at or isolated? And the secret nightmare - will the other kids pick on her and bully her once she goes to school? Rosani has been Hannah's very special friend for a long time - in fact she is Hannah's oldest and closest friend. They have forged a bond together that operates independently of the fact that our two families have a close friendship.
This friendship has shown Hannah why friends are important and even though playing with her peers is very challenging for her at times - she loves it - and they take Hannah as she is. So today the twins and their Dad are heading off into the wilds on the kids' first camping trip - with a group of other crazy families from school - and those early lessons in friendship that Rosani and Hannah forged will be built upon some more with her peers. Friendship truly is a very generous gift.

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